Safety is Priority Number One

Petroleum Carriers LLC operates under a policy that maintains each truck at the highest level which enables each driver to work under the highest safest conditions possible.

Drivers of our trucks and trailers are responsible for their own personal safety, along with the safety of our clients and those on the road around them. As a premium transportation company we understand the importance of each below:

  • DOT Compliance
  • Pre-screening drivers
  • Hazmat Training compliance
  • All road tests completed prior to employement
  • Routine maintenance completed in timely intervals
  • Monitor and audit log of Vechile Inspection Report
  • Professional impression!

Petroleum Carriers LLC, operates in accordance with all local and federal laws, but also encourages our drivers:

  • Consistently train on speed and space management

Following these safety tips closely allows us to provide timely deliveries of petroleum products to our customers across the Mid-Atlantic in a safe manner.



Richmond, VA - Truck

Petroleum Carriers LLC Employee Safety Training: In it for the Long Haul

To make our commitment to employee safety, and the communities in which we serve, we operate regular safety training events and require mandatory attendance to ensure that we remain in compliance with all policies and procedures.



Maintenance – How much we care!

We go the extra mile everyday to make sure our fleet is one of safest on the road while looking out for our clients product with the safety of those around us.

  • Full maintenance staff
  • 24HR Roadside assistance technician on staff to help with fleets needs
  • Preventative Maintenace completed each day to take a proactive approach instead of being reactive
  • Full maintenance service compliance onsite and some outsourced with our trusted vendors and leased outlining markets
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Manual inspectioin every 15,000 intervals, NO MATTER WHAT!


Thank you to our wonderful technicians for maintaining over 150 pieces of equipment, daily!

Contact Petroluem Carriers LLC for more information regarding our safety standards for our clients and employees.


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